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myetutor's tutors are experienced teachers with a proven track record of supporting thousands of students so they can achieve success in their national exams. Our tutors focus on developing the skills that mean students achieve the best grade possible and increase their future opportunities for the next stage of their lives. Our myetutor+ system ensures that tuition is flexible, affordable and highly effective.

Tutor: Jen Ness Levels: National 5, Higher, Adv Higher

Jen Ness lives in Edinburgh with her young family and works as a PT of English, when she has some spare time! She has been teaching for several years and has taught at schools in Edinburgh and West Lothian. She has developed materials for Education Scotland and Edinburgh City council, and presented workshops on Scots language at seminars open to teachers from all over the country. Jen has years of experience of Higher English and Advanced Higher English, attending numerous courses on SQA expectations for each course. Jen is happy to tutor online or mark essays.

Tutor: Matthew Wilson Levels: National 5, Higher, Adv Higher

Matthew Wilson lives and teaches in Edinburgh. He has been a fully registered Teacher of English with GTC Scotland since 2003. Matthew has taught at all levels of the Scottish secondary school curriculum, until the curriculum changed! He has presented for Education Scotland as part of their training on the new Scottish Texts for National 5 and has been part of the SQA's nominees programme to co-ordinate standards for the new National certificates. He is available as a marker of individual essays.

Tutor: Andrea Campbell Levels: National 5, Higher

Andrea Campbell has been teaching Maths in a secondary school in Edinburgh for several years. She has taught all levels in the Scottish Maths curriculum including Higher and Advanced Higher. Andrea has had experience of SQA marking, being a designated marker of exam scripts. She has been asked to develop work for several of Scotland's educational bodies and continues to work on developing materials for the the Nationals.

Tutor: Graham Findlay Levels: National 5, Higher, Adv Higher

Graham Findlay has taught Maths for many years, in fact he likes Maths so much he has worked as a Maths teacher and completed a Masters in Maths at the same time! But that should not be held against him. Graham has a deep knowledge of Maths and long experience in teaching students the skills required to be successful in Maths. Graham's an ideal tutor for students who hope for a top grade or see their future in a Maths-related subject.

Tutor: Mr John Mullen Levels: National 5, Higher

John Mullen works as a full-time Chemsitry teacher and has taught the new curriculum for several years. In fact, he has taught several curriculums, having taught in the United States and adult classes at college. John is available as an online tutor.