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Good feedback is the first step in developing skills, improving work and achieving higher grades. Our tutors are experienced professionals, familiar with the exams and who will spend time reading an essay, finding areas to improve and give advice on how to do so, in positive and encouraging ways.


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Frequently asked questions

Q:How effective is it?

The site is designed around the needs of the student to improve their grade. Our essay marking service provides detailed feedback on essays intended to raise grades. Our myetutor+ GTCS registered tutors have all used individual tuition to raise the final grades of their students.

Q:How does the system work for essay marking?

Parents (or students) sign up to myetutor and can upload one of their essays to the website. If they have chosen a tutor, then this tutor receives an email alert and has 48 hours to mark and return the essay. An email notifies the sender of return.

Q:If the chosen tutor is busy?

If a chosen tutor is unavailable for over 48 hours, myetutor offers the essay to all of its tutors in the marking pool by issuing an email. Any tutor can then mark and return the essay. All tutors are GTCS registered teachers of English and mark in accordance with the SQA criteria.

Q:What types of essay can be sent?

All essay types to do with National 5 and Higher English can be sent. These essays can be personal reflective, discursive, persuasive, creative or a critical essay about a poem or a novel or a play. We cover all essay genres for the folio and marking is overseen by experienced teachers.

Q:What is myetutor+?

More and more people are being taught over the internet using modern technology. This allows tutors and students greater flexibility in giving and receiving tuition while keeping important aspects of tutoring such as the individual relationship and student-centred focus.

Q:How does myetutor+ work?

Simply purchase a tutoring session(s) from the tutor of your choice in the required subject. myetutor will ask for background information on the student's current progress in the subject and then arrange a mutually convenient time for tuition to take place using Google+ (ideally).

Q:Why is Google+ important?

Google+ is a social media site that allows people to converse in 'hangouts'. These are ideal for tuition. When two people are in the same hangout they can see and speak to each other, and information on each person's desktop can be shared - Maths formula for instance.

Q:How legit is all this?

Student improvement and parental ease of mind are at the centre of myetutor's vision. To this end, we ensure that all tutors are identifiable, registered, checked and accountable, and all essays are stored. Our tutors only help the student improve. We do not provide answers or write essays.