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myetutor+ Tutoring Service

As experienced tutors and teachers ourselves, we are aware of the impact of direct individual help, encouragement, a different way of approaching a challenge and effective feedback can have. Developing skills allows students to pass exams and create a successful future. But developing those skills in isolation or when a student reaches a block can sometimes be difficult. This is where myetutor+ can assist students and their parents.

myetutor+ offers parents and students the opportunity to book a session with one of our tutors for individual focused tutoring. With our service, students can raise issues and have their own challenges addressed through an encouraging, experienced and supportive tutor. myetutor uses Google+ or Skype for individual one-to-one tutoring.  At present, bookings can be made for one individual tuition, a series of tuitions or a group tuition. All myetutor's tutors are GTCS registered English and Maths teachers who are working in Scottish secondary schools and familiar with recent developments in the curriculum.

Parents can book an individual tuition by visiting our Tutors page. By selecting a subject parents and students are able to view the tutors available for that subject. Parents and students can read a short biography of each tutor's experience and purchase whatever package of sessions they wish with the tutor of their preference.

The national certificates that each tutor provides tuition for is shown at the beginning of their biography. When a tuition is purchased myetutor will contact the purchaser to gain background details about texts being studied, work being done and particular areas of difficulty. Once we have this information, myetutor will contact the chosen tutor and find a mutually agreeable time for student and tutor to begin with the initial tuition.



myetutor's myetutor+ one-to-one tutoring service allows students (and parents) direct access to an experienced, fully GTCS registered tutor who will assist with learning and attainment for the SQA certification exams.

Google+ hangouts allows documents to be viewed by each person. Tutors can show models of work and view students' own work, allowing progress to be carefully monitored.

It is convenient for parents and students. It allows students to be tutored at a range of times, with all their resources and notes available.

It is flexible. Parents and students do not have to take on the long-term commitment of a tutor on a weekly or fortnightly basis. A fixed number of tuitions can be purchased for particular areas of the course and these can be taken-up at a time suitable for all parties.

It provides a relationship centred on a subject. The greatest impact on teaching and learning is the relationship between tutor and learner. If a relationship exists, development and growth occur far more easily in a subject. The opportunity for a positive learning relationship can have a huge impact on a student's attainment.


What's required:

- a Google+ or Skype account

- an email address

- a computer, internet access, webcam and microphone