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How it Works

Skills can improve people's lives. As experienced teachers, we have seen this happen zillions of times! A good teacher or tutor can help a student develop their skills so that they achieve more, have greater exam success and create more opportunities for themselves. myetutor uses the internet to give students access to the expertise of experienced professionals. Our methods of tuition allow for flexibility, affordability and are highly effective. There are no long term commitments and students can select their own tutor. It's all about giving students access to the type of support they need. When it is needed!

Method 1

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Choose a tutor

myetutor+ means students can access experts that can help them develop their own skills. Our Tutors page show the subjects we offer support for. Simply choose one of the subjects in which support is offered and pick a tutor. More details.

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Develop the skills for success

By using the internet, tutors can explain and demonstrate examples, show resources and help students understand them, model skills and give feedback. All of this leading to greater exam success. More details.

Method 2

Send an essay and start improving essay grades today!

Send an essay to an experienced professional to start improving your essay grades.

Improve your essays

Start to improve your essays for higher grades by signing up to myetutor now. Upload your essay and choose the tutor to mark it.

Tutor marks your essay

Your essay is examined carefully by an experienced tutor with comments added to show areas for improvement with advice how to do so.

Making the grade

Your marked essay is returned usually within 48 hours. You now have a lot of effective advice on how to achieve a higher grade with the essay.

What do I get with Method 2?

myetutor offers a range of features to improve essay grades

Free access to learning guides

Step-by-step guide for all courses Guides show you everything you need to know for English at National 5 and Higher courses and provides advice for the grade you want. Includes video guides.

A commented upon essay

All tutors are GTCS teachers Tutors spend time adding comments and links to your essay so that you know exactly what to improve and how to improve it. National 5 marked essay exemplar.

A summarising report with grade

Access to all essays and reports on user homepage Summarising reports build your confidence and pick up any other points you need to know. Higher marked essay exemplar.

A user homepage

A table that records progress Keep a record of essays, reports and grades with your homepage and see your progress. You can access returned essays and reports at anytime and the reports can be printed.