How to save your document in Word 2003 format (.doc)

How to save your essay to send it

The myetutor website only accepts Microsoft Word 2003 documents. We do this to make sure that all tutors can mark all the essays the website receives.

The sections below tell you how to save your essay as a Microsoft Word 2003 document on different packages.


Microsoft Word 2007 (Vista)


•  click on 'File'

•  from the table click on 'Save as Word 1997-2003'

•  save as usual


Microsoft Word 2010 (Windows 7)


•  click on 'File'

•  click on 'Save As'

•  go to 'Save as type' on the window that appears, click on it

•  choose 'Word Doc 97-2003' on menu and save as usual