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About myetutor

myetutor is a Scotland-wide tuition company that provides support for selected Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) examinations. It was formed in 2010 by Matthew Wilson and his business partner. They started the company as two Scottish secondary school teachers with combined classroom teaching experience of over 45 years, many years of providing home tuition, and SQA marking experience.

Matthew Wilson, co-founder, speaks about myetutor


Matthew says: "As teachers, we are aware of the difficulties many students (and their parents) face in gaining the skills and achieving the grade they desire. It is a challenge:


•  finding an experienced professional tutor in the subject

•  knowing that person can tutor well

•  having the opportunity for repeated practise and feedback

•  being confident that person also knows the exam

•  knowing someone practised in dealing with each student's own particular individual needs


From our teaching, tutoring and SQA marking experiences, we realised that tutoring did not have to happen for an hour each week over a period of months up to the exam. If a student is given the correct information about the skills required, works with that information over time and practises those skills regularly, showing the work to a tutor, then receives quality feedback on the work done, there will be progress in that student's attainment in the exam.

As we broke tutoring down into the fundamentals, we realised we could offer a more flexible, a more efficient and a more affordable way to tutor students, using the internet, and still retain a student-centred, attainment-focused approach.

Our aim is to support students in gaining and improving their skills so that they can confidently approach the exam secure in those key skills that will drive their attainment upwards."

myetutor became a way of providing a highly flexible and effective way of tutoring that fitted a students desire for skills with a person assured to provide those skills. We realise that learning does not have to happen at a set hour each week and that it may suit students to have feedback on a single essay once or it may suit a student to have 10 hours of Maths tuition over a term.

At myetutor, we know the long term impact on an individual's life the acquisition of skills can have. We believe people should have as much choice as possible about the skills they wish to develop and that when people are ready to develop skills, there should be a service available to help them do so.

The myetutor service



(Prices may vary)

myetutor's tutoring service features:


•  Only GTC Scotland registered teachers mark students' work

•  24 x 7 availability for essay marking

•  Essay returns within 48 hours (usually or less)

•  Detailed feedback and report

•  Free learning guides and video support

•  flexible one-to-one tuition over the internet

•  selection of tutors for essay marking 

•  selection of tutors for myetutor+ Maths and English


We also provide:


•  Free Higher English ebook and other regular updates upon signing-up

•  Free helpdesk available on twitter @mye_tutor 

•  Experienced teachers who blog regularly with advice about examinations

•  Regular updates on our facebook page


If you have any questions please watch our video, or read over our frequently asked questions, or email us at

Registered office:

Registered office: 272 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4JR